Hocking Valley Community Residential Center

H.V.C.R.C. offers a variety of programming for the youth placed here:

Educational programming through the Athens-Meigs Educational Service Center

Individual and family counseling

Substance abuse counseling

Thinking for a Change

Cognitive Behavioral Intervention in Substance Abuse

Anger Management

Victim Awareness

Life Skills

Miscellaneous topic groups

Music Therapy - Ohio University 

Sex Offender Counseling - Hopewell Health Care

Wellness and Health

Wellness Policy

As part of our educational programming, we encourage the health and wellness of our residents and staff.

We have developed a wellness committee to oversee the program.  We encourage participation and suggestions from all interested parties:  residents, parents, staff members, executive board, court staff.

Wellness Policy 3_JCRF_4A__Wellness_Policy.doc

Wellness Policy Assessment