Hocking Valley Community Residential Center

If You Want to Report Sexual Assault, Abuse, or Harassment On Behalf Of A Resident (Present Or Former)

Please email the following information to Neil Sommer, PREA Coordinator: NSommers@HVCRC.K12.oh.us

1) Youth's name

2) Date and time of alleged incident

3) Who was involved

4) What happend

5) Where did it occur

6) How did it occur

7) Any other pertinent information

8) Your name

9) Your telephone number

10) Any other way to contact you


If you are not comfortable sending this by email, you may also put it in writing and mail it to:

Neil Sommers, PREA Coordinator

Hocking Valley Community Residential Center

111 West Twenty-Nine Drive

Nelsonville, OH  45764

Hocking Valley Community Residential Center will hand over all investigations to the Nelsonville Police Department.

Policy: ACA reference 3-JCRF-5c Sexual Assault/Abuse page.8 section 3.20

 An investigation shall be conducted by Nelsonville Police Department and documented whenever sexual abuse, sexual assault, or sexual harassment is alleged, threatened, or occurs.  The Nelsonville Police Department shall receive notification of all allegations of sexual abuse and assault.  Discipline and/or additional criminal charges for the alleged aggressor may occur pending the results of the investigation.