Here are some of our recent accomplishments!


Employee of the Quarter.

We would like to Congratulate Ethan Hall for all he does for the residents as well as the staff at Hocking Valley.  

Congratulations Ethan!


On February 6, 2023 Youth Specialist Ron Dane celebrated his 15th Anniversary at Hocking Valley. Ron has had an incredible career that includes many different roles in Law Enforcement. We have been lucky enough to have his smiling face in our building since 2008


Congratulations Ron!

On January 7th, 2023 Youth Specialist Chuck Holbrook celebrated his 10th Anniversary at Hocking Valley. Chuck has not only been a valued Youth Specialist, he is also a certified trainer and helps keep our staff up to date on trainings.


Congratulations Chuck!

On October 4th, 2022 Supervisor Britt Dodson celebrated his 29th Anniversary at Hocking Valley. Britt is the one of the original employees, and has been here since the facility opened in 1993. Britt reached Legend Status in the early days of HVCRC and still amazes us to this day. If you see him on a Sunday during visitation, be sure to say “Hi”.


Congratulations Britt!


As we celebrated a Happy New Year in 2022, the staff and residents of HVCRC acknowledged Brian Baileys 25th Anniversary. Unfortunately Brian was unable to celebrate with us this year, but I think he knows how much we all appreciate him. Brian has been a mainstay at Hocking Valley since 1997. Many young men have been able to benefit from his wisdom. It is rumored that Brian loves his job at HVCRC almost as much as he loves his baseball cards.


Congratulations Brian!


March 6, 2022 marks the 15th Anniversary of our very own Neil Sommers. Neil has been the Program Coordinator for 6 years. He has held many different positions in his time at HVCRC, and he has taken all of that knowledge with him to his current position. You can always count on Neil to lighten the mood and make you laugh (as long as you like Dad Jokes).


Congratulations Neil!