Family-Centered Treatment

At HVCRC we rely on the families to assist in developing a plan for success for the youth while he is at our facility. Our goal is to have a solid plan for re-integration to the home once he has completed our program. Listed below you will find ways that you can contribute to your youths future.

  • All aspects of our program involve people that are important in your child’s life.  You, your family, and any community members you feel would be able to assist in the youths aftercare along with the committing court will make up the youths Child and Family Team (CFT). This team will be involved in all decisions made concerning the youth and their life after they are released. They will all have the opportunity to share their hopes and goals concerning the youth’s program, and implementation of the youths service plan.
  • HVCRC Actively involves and supports families/guardians who have youth placed at the center. (e.g., involvement such as CFTs, Service plan/treatment reviews, discharge plan input, therapy sessions, schooling, as well as other programing that HVCRC offers). We encourage your family to make regular contact with the youth. We will provide Phone Calls, Mail, Visitation weekly, Day Passes, and Pre-Release Treatment passes so the youth can build and maintain a positive relationship with their family. We also try to encourage family bonding through Family Fun Days, where we will provide food and activities for the youth and families to enjoy (check the EVENTS tab for dates of upcoming events).
  • Parents are required to attend parenting classes. HVCRC has developed a parenting program to assist your family in helping you to make it once you are home. Each class will explore a topic focused on strengthening a skill related to effective parenting. A total of 10 parenting classes must be completed. Any parents or guardians who may have difficulty making the trip to HVCRC, may request alternative parenting classes that would be easier for them to complete.
  • HVCRC provides outreach, ongoing support and aftercare for youth and the family/guardian. Immediately upon being admitted to HVCRC, plans for reintegration are developed as part of the youth’s initial case plan. Discharge planning begins as soon as a youth is admitted. Resident’s assigned Youth Specialist reviews monthly (no less then every (30) thirty days) service progress and release preparation with parent/guardian as well as the Child Family Team. the youth’s CFT will be involved in discussion, or given opportunity to provide feedback before the service plan is updated. Clinical Services Coordinator will also work with the parent/guardian prior to youth’s release to prepare for the transition.
  • The discharge plan will also include aftercare. HVCRC will offer aftercare support for at least a (6) six-month period after the youth is discharged to provide an extra layer of support.