Hocking Valley has lots of Interns from both Ohio University and Hocking College, as well as community members who want to give back to the community. We have previously been affiliated with the Foster Grandparent program and numerous volunteers. If you are interested in becoming an Intern or Volunteer please contact us and we will send you the information. We have listed some of the duties that our interns and volunteers take part in.

  • Spend time interacting with the boys during the day and use that time to teach appropriate social skills, manners, coping skills, sportsmanship and other social interactions.
  • Work one -on -one with an assigned youth during class time. Use verbal prompts to keep them on task. Assist with lessons as needed.
  • Read resident handbook and become familiar with expectations for the youth as they progress through the program. Learn the rules, reward system and consequences for poor behavior.
  • Read over policy and procedure personnel manual.
  • Facilitate a therapeutic group on a topic of your choice.
  • Interview staff of HVCRC on the history of the Center and the evolution of service delivery within the agency policy.
  • Most of all Have Fun! Play games with the boys during down time, you can even participate in Rec period if you would like.


Darrell Gladish
Hocking Valley Community Residential Center
111 West Twenty-Nine Drive
Nelsonville, OH 45764