Reasonable Accommodations for any qualified individual with a disability so that the individual may participate in services provided by HVCRC during the application, screening, and employment process provided it does not impose “undue hardship” may be requested in writing to the Executive Director or Program Coordinator.


Reasonable accommodations may include, but are not limited to:

  • Making agency facilities readily accessible and usable by persons with disabilities.
  • Job restructuring, modifying work schedules, and position reassignment.
  • Acquiring or modifying equipment or devices, adjusting modifying examinations, training materials, or policies, and providing qualified readers or interpreters when applicable.


The forms can be found in the mail room at HVCRC, or by following the link listed below (form either needs to be completed and emailed, mailed to HVCRC, or dropped off at the front desk).


Click on the Blue Link for the Reasonable Accommodation Request From    Request for Reasonable Accommodation